Commissioner JMC

CEO, Jammu Smart City Limited

Sh. Rahul Yadav, IAS

Dear Residents,
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Jammu has embarked on Smart City Project with the city getting clearance of Smart City Proposal in the fourth round.The primary focus of Jammu Smart City Project (JSCP) is on Urban Mobility, Solid Waste Management, reviving the heritage of the city and backed by strong IT Infrastructure to make the city a safe and secure city. This is a project 'of the people, for the people and by the people.' With the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) coming into place, several citizen centric projects have been initiated and the progress will be visible on ground very soon.For these projects, several meetings have been held with citizens and their inputs have been taken and considered in the design of the projects. The website has been designed and specifically has a feature to receive inputs of the residents of the city, making it easy for the residents to post their ideas.While several ideas are being deliberated upon with concerned stakeholders, each project has its own life cycle. We are actively discussing ways to upgrade the urban mobility solutions like adding new e-Buses, pedestrian walkways and if possible, cycling tracks. For beautification of the city, we are initiating greening projects. You will very soon see vertical gardens in several parts of the city. You are also going to see digital advertising panels across the city, hopefully eliminating the flex boards. These are just some of the initiatives that we are working on. As residents of the city, you can come up with ideas that you want your city administration to implement and be a part of the initiative for clean, green and smart Jammu.

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